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Maternal serum screening and triploidy     PUBMED

Prenatal Diagnosis  1994,14

Maternal serum screening of fetal chromosomal abnormalities

by AFP,UE3,HCG and freeBHCG: prospective and retrospective results.
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Caratterizzazione citogenetica di cromosomi markers individuati

all'amniocentesi: implicazioni per correlazioni cariotipo-fetale.
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Culture of fetal erythroid progenitor cells from maternal blood

for non invasive prenatal diagnosis.
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Isolation of fetal erythroid cells from maternal blood based

on expression of erythropoietin receptors.
Molecular Human Reproduction ;.1997. 3,451-455

Characterization of fetal hematopoietic progenitors circulating

in maternal blood of seven aneuploid pregnancies.
Prenatal Diagnosis 1997;.17;1159-1169

Detection of fetal trisomy 18 by short term culture

of maternal peripheral blood.                      AJOG
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Prenatal diagnosis of congenital diseases:five years experience

of Prenatal Diagnosis Center at the Second University of Naples 
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Prenatal diagnosis of partial trisomy 6q : a case report.
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First trimester combined screening in a low risk population.
Abstract 7th International Congress of Fetal Medicine Foundation .Sorrento 2008

Prenatal detection of partial fetal chromosomal deletions

by first trimester combined screening.
Abstract 7th International Congress of Fetal Medicine Foundation. Sorrento 2008

Dissezione citomolecolare di anomalie cromosomiche sbilanciate alla diagnosi prenatale:Valutazione prognostica dell'out come fenotipico postnatale.
Biologi Italiani 2008;9;56-62

Cohesin SA1 and SA2 proteins and NAD+ deacetylase protein modulate telomere homeostasis in cumulus cells and are eligible biomarkers of oocyte ontogeny and ovarian ageing.2017 Paper in collaboration submitted for publication in a peer-review journal.


Gene expression and apoptosis in cumulus cells of patients with polymorphisms of FSHR and LHB undergoing in vitro fertilization program 2017.

Paper in collaboration submitted for publication in a peer review journal.

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